Wow, once again I am back in first place on Google for the search “kevin owens.” That’s pretty cool. I thought I’d take a screenshot to show just how cool it is:

Meanwhile, my dragons website has been getting some more visitors. There is one particularly enthusiastic poster on the dragon forums. That website was also recently cited on a source in a Fark photoshop contest.

I played in the regional-level HeroClix tournament on Satuday. It was held at the University of Utah. I came in at 8th place out of 30 participants.

So, I didn’t win the big prizes, but I did everyone got two “participation prizes” which are special, purple-colored versions of HeroClix figures. These were distributed at random, and I happened to get the two most valuable figures possible. And I had lots of fun, too. I am glad that I went.

My work just hired a new guy to help out with development. What is most interesting is that he is quite young, and still in High School. Of course, I was only 16 when I got my job as a computer programmer. I wonder if he is very proficient with software development? I hope so. I am always interested in meeting like-minded individuals, especially if there is something I can teach them or learn from them.

I played in a HeroClix tournament last night, and won. It is part of a new national tournament that WizKids Games is putting on (that’s the company that makes the HeroClix game.) Because I came in first place in last night’s event, which is at the local level, I will automatically get to go to the final round in the regional tournament. After regionals, there is a world event in Los Angeles.

I don’t know how far I’ll get, but it will be fun to play in the regionals. I wonder how many HeroClix players there are in Utah?

Since my wife and I don’t own a scale, I recently weighed myself at my parent’s house. I currently weigh 123.5 lbs., which is up a few pounds from the 118 I weighed in High School. I suppose I am beginning to enter into the ranks of regular adults who have “a little extra padding.”

In other news, here are a couple of good entries from a recent Fark Photoshop contest, in which participants were asked to compile an “extreme Xbox mod”:

Mozilla Firefox, by the way, is my browser of choice.