Tonight is opening night for First Light. I am quite excited! The scenes are all coming together well, the music and sound is excellent, and of all the thugs, I think my costume is the coolest.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go see Star Wars this morning. All of the midnight showings were sold out already, of course, and there isn’t much novelty in going at 4:00 AM. I think I will probably go see it next week after the play is over.

I have registered for classes this summer semester, which start this week. (Actually, I have had to miss the first two sessions because of the play.) I am taking Math 1080 (Pre-Calculus) and Art 1010 (Introduction to Visual Arts) at Weber State University. In order to register, I had to get the school to change my status from “inactive” to “active.” Getting ahold of the admissions department by telephone was an impossible feat, but the change was surprisingly easy when I finally just drove up to Ogden and did it in person.

The RPG I’ve been programming has been coming along. I’ve got familiar enough with Direct3D that I’ve started rendering the world in 3D, which looks lame right now, but will look really cool once I can get some good 3D models. I have been doing a lot of design for the world, the setting, and the characters. I think it will be a really cool game if I ever finish it.

I enjoyed The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I do hope that some movie sequels are made. After the movie, I went to a LAN party where we played Battle for Middle-Earth until rather late in the night. The next morning, I went and played Dungeons & Dragons with some other friends, and then came home and played some World of Warcraft. Sunday, after church, my wife and I went to my parents’ house along with all of my Utah siblings and their families, and we all talked and had a grand old time.

I imagine that when my wife and I have kids, we will have to give up (or at least reduce) this party-animal lifestyle. But it sure is fun!