A House and a Baby

Chelsea and I have been looking to buy a house recently. There are a lot that we don’t like, but a few that we do. Here is one in particular that we are very interested in: http://utahhomes.com/Property/PropertyDetails.aspx?mlsnumber=536576.

Also, in other (more important) news, we have found out that we will be having a baby! We are expecting him or her to show up in April or so. I will keep you posted on the pregnancy. I think this means that, sooner than later, I’m going to have to buy an old t-shirt that says “#1 Dad” or something.

Fall Semester

I’m all registered for the fall semester at school now. Except for an incomplete web-based registration system, and a bit of a mix-up with some prerequisites and recently-changed course numbers, it was a fairly simple process. I will be taking one math class and two computer science classes. I have scheduled them all in the evenings or on Saturdays, which should free me to be flexible with being at work when I need to be, which is important.

Also, my summer art class is coming to a close. I’ll be finishing up the last few assignments this week. I have been getting A’s on all my assignments, so I expect to do well in the class.

I feel like I ought to wear shades, my future is so bright.