PocketPC PowerToys

Microsoft has released a set of software tools they are calling “PowerToys,” for the Windows Mobile platform. They include such tools as:

1. A theme generator
2. An expense tracking tool
3. A remote display tool for showing your handheld’s desktop on your PC
4. A new and improved password application

Plus a few more. You can download PowerToys at Microsoft Technet.

101 Educational Uses for Your Handheld

Everyone loves lists, so you might be interested in this one: 101 Great Educational Uses for Your Handheld Computer. Some notable items include:

6.Take attendance
16.Keep an inventory of books and other instructional materials
45.Record voice notes
61.Gather data on temperature, light, voltage, pH, and more with data probes
93.Build a robot controlled by a handheld device

Check out the link if you want to find out even more ways to effectively use handheld technology in education.

All About Unicorns Launched

For those of you who have enjoyed my website about dragons, you may be interested to know that I recently launched a similar website about unicorns, called All About Unicorns. It is still very small, but I hope to grow it over the next few months as I find the time. It currently only has 100 images in its gallery, but I have over 1,000 that I will be adding after I make some improvements to the image gallery script.