Top 10 Reasons Why Self-Driving Cars Would Be Awesome

  1. Your car could automatically pick up deliveries for you.
  2. Automatic cars could manage to have the optimal amount of space between them, which would make merging smoother and reduce traffic congestion.
  3. Those who are too old or too young to drive themselves would be able to get around.
  4. Drunk driving would not be a problem anymore.
  5. The technology necessary to create viable self-driving cars could be used in many other agricultural and industrial settings.
  6. Your car would be able to easily find a destination without getting lost or making a wrong turn.
  7. Publicly owned auto-automobiles could be used to ferry people from a mass transit station to their final destinations, thus increasing mass transit use and reducing pollution and energy use.
  8. Cars could automatically move aside to let emergency vehicles pass with greater speed and safety.
  9. Traffic speeds would be more uniform, which would increase safety while allowing speed limits to be higher.
  10. You could sleep or watch a movie on your way to work.

The solution to any problem, anywhere, is robots

In my spare time at home, I usually have one or a few projects I work on for fun. When I get my muse, I become obsessed with creativity; my one-track mind can scarcely think about anything else except the function I am working on. This usually lasts until I get excited about something else which takes over my passion like a democrat is going to take over the White House in November.

Thankfully, my dear sweet wife is very understanding of my incessant need to create, and she lets me lock myself up for a few hours a week to work. After this last month of being Mr. Mom, I have come to appreciate this support from my wife more than ever.

Anyway, my latest obsession has been programming an automatic short-story generator. It uses artificial intelligence to create characters and plots, randomizes them together, and churns them out in dry third-person prose. It’s never going to be Jane Austen, but what do you expect from a computer? It’s not like my PC went to college to get a degree in English.

Before that, it was a GEDCOM importer for my online genealogy website, Sometimes, I would like to build a time machine just so I can go back and tell the guy who created the GEDCOM format about the benefits of well-formed XML. That project is still unfinished, just like most of the other hobby projects I’ve started in the last ten years. If there were a job that involved creating things and never finishing them, I would be awesome at it.

Life is Busy

It has been a long time since I posted here! Life gets so busy that it is hard to keep up. I find myself wishing to spend more time on projects like this, but, c’est le vie.

My wife is building a stop-and-shoot autonomous vehicle for her Engineering 1010 class at school. It is a pretty neat looking thing so far. I’ll post some pictures when her group is done with it.