Jaywalker Sighting

My wife and I were driving up to the University Hospital in Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon. As we were heading up South Temple street in the Avenues neighborhood, there was a man staggering lackadaisically in the middle of the road. He loosely waved to us as we changed lanes to avoid hitting him. He must have been stoned.

Only in Salt Lake.

3 thoughts on “Jaywalker Sighting

  1. Sometimes, Kevin, I think you WANT to be ethnocentric, or at least that your attitude gears you toward the diminishment of human value in those outside of your chosen community (at least in your own perceptions). I’ve seen this happen in Bountiful, Centerville, North Salt Lake, and Provo. So climb down off of Olympus, brother–even a small (albeit tall) geographic portion of Greece has gay people and negligent crime.


  2. Yeah, I think my attribution of his behavior to Salt Lake was unwarranted. When I had written this, I had recently read on Heather Armstrong’s blog about how she saw a man changing his baby’s diaper on the hood of his car, and she said “Only in Utah.” It was funny. I was trying to rip off her phrase and it didn’t really work.

    Although Salt Lake City does have a love of alcohol which surpasses that of the rest of the state, I did not mean to imply that everyone in Salt Lake is high, or that nobody in Davis County is. It was just a poor use of a phrase meant to color an otherwise pretty uninteresting experience.

  3. Using inappropriate phraseology and emphasis to color uninteresting or insignificant experiences?

    Kevin, you’re starting to sound like Fox News! ;-)

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