I’m a 28-year old software engineer living in Bountiful, Utah, just a few miles north of Salt Lake City.

I’ve lived in Utah all my life.  My ancestors settled here in 1847.  My third-great-grandfather, Robert Owens, was a Mormon pioneer who lived in Nauvoo, Illinois, before making the trek west to the Great Basin.  I’m proud of my heritage, and I think it’s important to put roots down and be actively involved in a community.

I first started developing computer software at eleven years old.  I had found my father’s old GWBASIC manual on the shelf in our computer room, and, having failed to secure a programming lesson from him, I just opened up GWBASIC and started trying commands. I got hooked, and continued to develop my skills and learn new languages and technologies over the ensuing years.

When I was sixteen, an opportunity arose for me to go work as a programmer for a small software company in North Salt Lake, which I took.  I stayed with that company for the next seven years, further developing my skills with practical experience and responsibility.  During my employ there, I also married my High School sweetheart, Chelsea.  A few years after that, we had our first son.

After that, I went to work for a bigger software company in South Jordan, Utah.  Here I was one out of about twenty or thirty developers, and I learned how to be part of a diverse, specialized team.  I learned a lot from my peers and honed my rugged development skills into more conventional and precise methodologies.  I began taking on more leadership roles and responsibilities, which I quite enjoyed.

I am now working as a software engineer for the Western Electricity Coordinating Council, in downtown Salt Lake City.  It’s my first job at a company which does not primarily make commercial software, so I’ve been learning how to approach software development from a  perspective of supporting the company’s greater mission, rather than development being the mission itself.

Along the way, I’ve also developed software and websites on a contract-basis for my own clients.  After completing one such contract, I used the money I earned to purchase an ecommerce site, Game Master Dice.  I’ve owned and operated the store since September 2010.  I’ve improved it, expanded into additional product lines, streamlined business processes, and multiplied profit and revenue since I acquired it.

My primary ambition in life is to be a good husband and father.  During my career, I have not lost sight of that fact.  My family gives a sense of meaning and purpose to my career.  I’m working hard now so that I can give my wife and three sons a good life, and a legacy of honest, hard work, and its corresponding risks and rewards.