Here are some songs I have recorded. Most of them were written and performed by myself, with exceptions noted.

So, without further ado, here they are!

Angels We Have Heard on High performed by Kevin Owens
Me singing all four-parts to this well-known Christmas hymn. The arrangement comes from the LDS Hymn book.

New!  Added Sept. 11, 2005Come Go With Me performed by Kevin Owens
This is my performance of a popular Beach Boys tune. I sang it all from sheet music, not having heard the song before.

New!  Added Sept. 11, 2005Decision by Kevin Owens
After I had proposed to my wife, I got a little flaky and she asked me to make up my mind about whether I actually wanted to marry her or not. So, I made this up as my answer.

New!  Added Sept. 11, 2005Greensleeves performed by Kevin Owens
Greensleeves was one of my favorite tunes as a child. Here it is in four-part harmony.

Gothic Submarine by Kevin Owens
Some of my best work (really!), and it’s 100% a cappella.

In the Beginning by Kevin Owens
In stereo!

New!  Added Sept. 11, 2005Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen arranged and performed by Kevin Owens
This is an improvisational piece intended to resemble the Gospel style of the American South.

New!  Added Sept. 11, 2005Scottish Love Song by Kevin Owens
I made up this “ethic” piece in the shower one day. The percussion is me tapping on the bottom of a wastebasket.

Summer Downpour by Kevin Owens
Written and performed by me, about my then girlfriend, who is my now wife. (This stuff really works!)

When I’m Dreamin’ by Kevin Owens
This is seventeen seconds of me demonstrating my piano prowess.