Theme Poems

I’d like to visit the stars–
To sleep in stardust
And eat yummy moon-pickles.

Gazing at the inky sky
dotted with little white sprinkles
I ponder the stars,
wonder about how they got there
and admire them

Rushing, thrusting, thrusting, pushing
Onward shoots the shooting star
Burning, turning, turning, moving
Through the blackish vacuum tar
Fighting, flighting, flighting, soaring
Passing sluggish stars a-by,
Dreaming, streaming, streaming, sailing
In a bright, delusioned sky

Your eyes twinkle when I look at them
And your skin, red blushing at my touch
Your soft lips smile at my jests
Your long black hair, a clear night sky

Your long white hands, a warm caress
And calm your voice, a child’s song
Your heart and all enchant me when
I see the starlight in your eyes

Though nations be afar apart,
And distant, blocked by oceans wide
Brothers, strangers by locale
Are underneath the same bright stars

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