Tree-Lined Streets

When I visit the old neighborhoods of Salt Lake City or Farmington, I am impressed by the magnificent trees which have grown up alongside the streets. When I travel on those streets, I feel a certain kind of excitement and a connection with nature. I imagine what it would be like to live on such a street.

Besides being beautiful, tree-lined streets are shady in the summer, making for a pleasant walk or stroll. An ancient tree with its roots deep in the ground also acts as a symbol of the dignity and tradition of a neighborhood.

I wonder why more streets aren’t lined with trees. I understand that sometimes, the roots of a tree can disrupt the sidewalk. However, if the homeowner selects the right kind of tree, this will not be a problem.

I suppose I am feeling sentimental not only for tree-lined streets, but for the communities they represent. Modern suburban developments tend to be devoid of trees except perhaps for tiny saplings. New developments, like the trees that are in them, lack maturity and “roots”.

Perhaps with time, these new developments will also have great green trees towering gently over the quiet street, when today’s new developments become tomorrow’s old neighborhoods.

One thought on “Tree-Lined Streets

  1. I want to live somewhere where you can see only sky behind the houses–no other houses, no mountains, no forest.

    I wonder if I could find a place in Kansas, with tree-lined streets, 50s-era houses, and an endless sea of wheat behind my backyard.

    Good post, Kevin. I enjoyed reading it.

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